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 Fovty Solutions empowers retailers and brands by helping them create a successful online store Choose a platform that suits their business requirements and accelerate their growth and increased sales.

Custom Software What is Custom Software Development? 

Custom Software Development is a process that allows businesses to develop custom software using specific technologies and methodologies. This can be highly beneficial for companies that need specialized software or want to avoid common development pitfalls.
Some popular customized software programs include CRM, ERP, IM/Email Marketing, Budgeting and Finance, Automation Tools & Systems, etc. Fovty Solutions offers comprehensive Custom Software Development services that allow customers to select from various technologies and design processes. We will work closely with you throughout the entire project so that you are always aware of what’s happening on your behalf. Additionally, we offer 24/7 customer support to address any questions or concerns promptly.

We have developed applications that millions of people use worldwide, and our team has years of expertise in web and mobile programming. We also understand how important customer satisfaction is, so we make sure to take care of everything from project planning through final testing and launch.
If you’re looking for reliable Custom Software Development services that will fulfill your specific needs, then contact Fovty Solutions today!

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You can significantly improve your sales, profitability, and efficiency with our custom CRM development solutions. Among the industries we serve are Manufacturing, Banking, Real Estate, IT, Automotive, Finance and Insurance, Production, Consumer Goods, Construction, E-commerce, Retail, Infrastructure, and Healthcare.
CRM development helps you align your marketing strategies and operations with the needs of your customers and the marketplace in which you operate.


With Fovty Solutions, you can build a comprehensive and robust enterprise solution. Business owners worldwide rely on us for creative, customized, and diverse ERP solutions. Our developers have extensive industry experience, and technical expertise, ensuring the right technology is aligned with your business objectives regardless of the size or nature of your organization. Using our expertise in ERP Software Development, we ensure information integration, enhanced reporting capabilities, improved customer service, consistency, and high data security.

Fovty Solution is an Audit Software that helps to manage and report on finance, accounting, and other business processes. It offers a wide range of features that can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. Some of the most popular features include financial management, budgeting/forecasting, asset management (including receivables and inventory), time tracking/expenses reporting, analysis dashboards for critical performance indicators (CPIs), workflow automation (including approvals and contracts processing), fraud prevention & detection capabilities, as well as collaboration tools between team members.

Case Management Software is a software application that can help professionals manage cases. It helps to streamline the case management process by creating and managing records, tracking progress, sharing information with colleagues and clients, and more. 
Some of the key benefits include intelligent routing capabilities for better scheduling; automatic document capture; automated task logging; easy file uploads via FTP or cloud storage services; communication Gadgets that allow you to keep in touch with clients online or on their mobile devices; secure client data access; password-protected files; email notifications; social media integration; an efficient work timeline planner; wireless printing support, as well as customizable reports.

Enterprise Application is a comprehensive platform that allows businesses to manage their entire application lifecycle from design through deployment. Fovty Solutions offers an intuitive interface that allows business owners to connect with developers, QA testers, and IT administrators. This enables them to resolve issues quickly and efficiently while ensuring accuracy in the final product.
The platform also offers secure collaboration tools so business owners can easily share data between departments without worrying about privacy concerns or accidentally releasing sensitive information.

HIPAA Compliant Applications is a free online tool that can help you to create and manage your health information privacy policies (HIPPA). This tool allows you to create, edit, print, or download policies in various languages. Additionally, it offers tips and advice on how best to protect the privacy of your patient’s data. Fovty Solutions offers HIPAA-compliant applications that can help healthcare organizations comply with all the Health Insurance Portability And Access Act (HIPPA) requirements, including Notice of Privacy Practices and Security Standards. Overall, Fovty Solutions provides an easy way for hospitals to keep up with all the latest HIPPA regulations while ensuring that patient privacy remains protected at all times.

Grant Management Software is software that helps organizations manage and track their grants. It includes reporting features that help understand how funds are being used, monitoring compliance requirements, and easy tracking of expenses. Fovty Solutions offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate through the various functions provided by the software. It allows you to manage your grant database, track progress and expenditures, and report on your achievement metrics. Fovty Solutions’ Grant Management Software offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it straightforward to navigate, so you can stay organized and track all your grant activities in one place.

A Web Portal is a web-based application that allows users to access frequently used information or services from a single location. Investing in a good web Portal Development company can create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easier for your customers/users to get the information they need. We take care to design comprehensive solutions that not only look great but are easy to use and manage, ensuring maximum usability for your customers. We also offer 24/7 customer support so that any questions or issues you may have can be resolved quickly and efficiently. You’ll never regret choosing Fovty Solutions when it comes to developing YOUR WEB PORTAL!

This can be done in various ways, including through applications programming interfaces (APIs), integration layers, or web services. Fovty Solutions offers several different APIs that allow you to connect with various business systems and automate tasks. These APIs are available for both software-as-a-service (SaaS) and on-premise platforms.
Additionally, Fovty Solutions provides integration services that enable you to seamlessly integrate your existing systems into their platform. This can help improve efficiency and eliminate duplicate workarounds by incorporating multiple sources of data into one centralized location. Additionally, this will reduce the potential for downstream incidents due to incorrect data entry or system incompatibility issues.

Application Modernization is a process that allows you to migrate your applications from traditional client-server software architectures to more modern web-based or cloud-based models. This can help reduce complexity and costs, as well as improve the deployability of your applications. Fovty Solutions offers Application Modernization services for both small and large organizations. Fovty Solutions work with you to identify the best options for migrating your applications, creating custom solutions, and maintaining support after the migration is complete. Our team has years of experience in application development using various technology platforms, so we are able to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Application re-engineering is a process that can be used in Fovty Solutions to improve the overall performance of your website. By redesigning your websites, you can help to reduce errors and optimize your pages for faster load times. In addition, by modernizing your content and design, you can ensure that all of the information on your site is easily accessible and intelligible to consumers. Re-designing also allows you to create simplified navigation systems that are more user-friendly. This makes it easier for people who are new to your site or want to explore different sections quickly and efficiently. You may also want to consider creating custom-designed templates or featuring responsive designs, so visitors no longer experience discomfort when using mobile devices or browsing from different screen sizes. Ultimately, application re-engineering enables you not only to improve the look and feel of a website but often improves its performance, making it an essential cornerstone of online marketing campaigns!