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ServicesMicrosoft Development

Microsoft services assist businesses in fostering innovation, transformation, and uniqueness by producing contemporary software and revolutionising legacy programmes. Microsoft software also helps users and business operations in the workplace, marketplace, and supply chains. In a nutshell, Microsoft is a widely used platform for creating scalable, reliable, and powerful desktop and web applications. Additionally, Microsoft develops the most effective, reliable, and robust technology platforms and solutions to boost productivity and efficiency.

DevelopmentWhat is Microsoft Development?

Fovty Solutions is well-versed in using the updated and modern Microsoft stack and developing applications that are reliable and built to run on all kinds of devices. Fovty Solutions is an Indian company that offers Microsoft dot net development and testing services for building and implementing web-based, Windows, workflow, and mixed-mode applications.

Clients receive safe and powerful apps from Fovty Solutions, which significantly impacts their business. Enterprise data management, infrastructure optimization, portals and collaboration, business process automation, custom application development, business intelligence, and systems integration are all areas in which we have an uncompromised asset.

Our solutions are supported by tried-and-true technologies, techniques, and practices and built on a foundation of technical expertise, insight, and innovation. The Fovty Solutions team is well-versed in utilizing to deliver applications and products. Microservices and Microdots, Net Core, Microsoft Azure, Azure SQL, Azure IoT, Payment Gateway Solution, and Content Management System. We are also Microsoft specialists. C# 8, Web API 2.2/5.2, WCF, MVC, VB6,,, OOA/OOD, WPF, Silverlight, and Windows Phone 8 are among the Net Frameworks from 2.0 to 4.8.

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.Net Application

Building Web-based apps, innovative client applications, and XML Web services applications that expose their capabilities programmatically across a network using industry-standard protocols like SOAP and HTTP are all made possible by the.NET Framework development model.

Sharepoint Development

The SharePoint platform makes it possible for developers to create applications that are scalable, collaborative, and content-driven.

Ajax Jquery Development

Ajax and jQuery development make it possible to collaborate on the code of several pages without having to refresh the currently viewed page.

C# (Csharp) Development

C# is a multi-paradigm programming language that includes strong typing, imperative programming, declarative programming, functional programming, procedural programming, generic programming, object-oriented programming (class-based), and component-oriented programming.

Integration consulting is a consultancy that helps companies integrate different systems and databases. Integration consulting can be used in many different industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, marketing automation, and software development. Often times it involves collaboration between other business units within a company to make sure all data flows smoothly together.
By leveraging the skills of an integration consultant, you can ensure that your business remains competitive by using cutting-edge technologies efficiently. An experienced professional on board will minimize disruptions caused by changes or updates within your system architecture.

A product strategy helps to identify, describe, and predict the future trends of a company’s products. Keeping up with consumer demands is essential for companies striving to remain competitive. Creating new products that appeal to customers requires understanding what they want.
The goal of your product strategy should be customer delight—providing them with an enjoyable experience that makes them come back time and again . We help if you also ensure that your products are affordable while providing value-added features. If you can do all this, you’re well to becoming a success story in the industry!